Travel with knights, mages, orphans, warlords, princesses and fishermen as they struggle to stay true to their hearts.

Explore a world of castles and empires, built on the ruins of a civilization shattered to save a dream thought lost.

Help nine people find their paths and discover how to resolve a promise that was kept when it was fated to be broken.

You'll get a 25 hour, story-focused 16-bit JRPG set in a mostly fantasy world.

The story is character-focused and dialog heavy. The plot is operatic. The world is rich, detailed and full of mystery... and there’s a good chance that, at some point, it will need a bit of saving.

The gameplay is inspired by classics like FF6 and Zelda, but with modern polish. You'll spend your time exploring, fighting and solving puzzles or mini-games. Combat happens on the map (no battle screens) and in real time, but it's not about button mashing: there's always a solution, if you can keep your cool.

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