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Help a struggling thief and an idealistic street urchin,


Caught as a queen tries to save her lost brother

But instead curses him to destroy everything he loves.

An SNES-style action\puzzle RPG about two friends caught in a queen's last desperate attempt to save a lost brother. Dramatic story, loveable characters, real-time strategic battles, amusing puzzles and a world of adventure.  The game is a full length, story-focused SNES JRPG in a mostly fantasy setting.​

The story is character-focused, with each major character having a unique arc that intertwines with a central narrative.  Expect lots of humor and heavy drama but with an optimistic overall tone.  The plot is operatic: it's filled with big problems and big emotions.  The setting is expansive and steeped in mysteries from a long-lost past.  There is a good chance that, at some point, the world will need some saving.

The gameplay is inspired by Zelda and FF6, but with modern polish and sensibilities.  You'll spend your time exploring major cities and dungeons, talking to people, fighting hundreds of unique monsters and solving a variety of puzzles and mini-games.  Combat happens right on the map in real time, but it doesn't have to be about button mashing.  Each monster has a weakness, and if you can figure it out, you can dispatch them calmly and cleanly.

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