The game is currently released as an alpha.


A fully playable, ~25 hour game. The main story is finished and present, although the last fifth is mostly cut scenes. About half of the dungeons and three quarters of the towns\world areas are built out. Combat is polished and fluid. The game has been tested, so it should be fairly stable modulo recent work ;)

The purpose of the alpha is to figure out which parts of the game are the most fun (or if any are very much not). Please consider things like:

  • Which characters are interested \ boring?

  • What parts of the story were engaging \ monotonous?

  • What dungeon sections were fun, hard, easy, etc?

  • Did you particularly like\dislike the gameplay of one character? Did you find you used most to some degree?

The build sends telemetry on your play sessions, but distilled thoughts are very, very welcome. Please send them to as you play or when you're done. I will definitely use your feedback to shape the game, and I'd love to talk with you about your experience!

Disclaimers and Such ;)

I am still working on the game, so there may be crashes or ​progress-blocking bugs. However, the game has been tested and played by many people, so I expect they will be fairly rare.

When prompted for an email or alias, if you are willing, please enter an email I can contact you at. The game sends telemetry about your play sessions, and I would love to be able to reach out to you for more information if I see something unexpected.

You are welcome to share thoughts, impressions, screen shots and videos of the game on any platform. I only ask that you credit the game and link back to If you know of anyone who might like the game, please share with them! I would really love to get more people playing.

Please do not host the game exe on another server (point people here) and, probably obviously, please do not extract resources from the game itself. If something in the design inspires you, send me a mail at If it's mine, I'm probably happy to share and knowing I've helped someone else will make my day.

I really, really hope you enjoy it!

Questions, Thoughts, Comments?

(c) 2019 Jason Morrill