The game is currently in a limited alpha release.


Get a feeling for the combat system or play through the game's introduction. Each segment has about an hour of gameplay. If you like it, you're welcome to join the alpha and get the full game (for free)!


A fully playable, ~25 hour game. The main story is completable, although the last fifth is fairly rushed. About half of the dungeons and three quarters of the towns\world areas are built out. Combat is polished and fluid. The game has been tested, so it should be fairly stable for an alpha.

The purpose of the alpha is to figure out which parts of the game are the most fun (or if any are very much not). Please consider things like:

  • Which characters are interested \ boring?

  • What parts of the story were engaging \ monotonous?

  • What dungeon sections were fun, hard, easy, etc?

  • Did you find yourself using one character 'too much'?

Send your thoughts to as you play or when you're done. I will use your feedback to help shape and polish the final game!


There are a few know issues in the game:

  1. Crash to desktop on reload after dying.
    Since you're reloading, you won't lose any data. Re-launch the game and load your latest save. Cause heretofore unknown, but actively investigating.

When prompted for an email or alias, if you are willing, please enter an email I can contact you at. The game sends telemetry about your play sessions, and I would love to be able to reach out to you for more information if I see something unexpected.

You are welcome to share thoughts, impressions, screen shots and videos of the game. If you know of anyone who might like it, please point them here! I would love to have more people play the game.


Please do not share the full game EXE or links to it (sharing the demo is okay). For now, I would like to have the alpha remain limited to folks I've had direct contact with.

Obviously, please don't take any part of the game. It's copyrighted, and I've spent nearly five years working on it. If you're making a game, I'd love to help or share my experience or parts of my RPG Maker modifications with you. Just reach out to me at

I really, really hope you enjoy it!

Questions, Thoughts, Comments?

(c) 2019 Jason Morrill