Jason Morrill

UX and Game Designer

UX Design

10 years UX Designer \ UX Design Lead in Microsoft Office

Game Design

10 years as an Indie Game Designer & Developer

For each project, I’ve written up a summary of my work, design achievements and learnings. I hope these provide context and definition for what I’ve done as well as seeds for future conversations. For some projects, I’ve also written up case studies. These are more in-depth journals of how I arrived at a specific design.

Modern, Beautiful Visio

Redesign Visio to feel modern and produce beautiful diagrams for any user

New OneNote Users

Understand and improve new user acquisition and retention for OneNote

Work Overview

The Long Journey to Farewell

Linear, story-driven JRPG in SNES style with real time, on map combat

Work Overview

Case Study: Combat\Dungeon Design

Cave Master

Level-based, city building and route optimization puzzle game

Work Overview

Case Study: Difficulty Tuning


Level-based, real time puzzle game (Released 2011)


Work Overview