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Jason Morrill

UX and Game Designer

UX Design

10 years UX Designer \ UX Design Lead in Microsoft Office

Modern, Beautiful Visio

Redesign Visio to feel modern and produce beautiful diagrams for any user

Modern Visio UI - thumbnail.png

New OneNote Users

Understand and improve new user acquisition and retention for OneNote

Work Overview


Game Design

10 years as an Indie Game Designer & Developer


The Long Journey to Farewell

Linear, story-driven JRPG in SNES style with real time, on map combat

Work Overview

Case Study: Combat\Dungeon Design


Cave Master

Level-based, city building and route optimization puzzle game

Work Overview

Case Study: Difficulty Tuning

HedgeWizard - thumbnail.png


Level-based, real time puzzle game (Released 2011)


Work Overview

For each project, I’ve written up a summary of my work, design achievements and learnings. I hope these provide context and definition for what I’ve done as well as seeds for future conversations. For some projects, I’ve also written up case studies. These are more in-depth journals of how I arrived at a specific design.

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