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Nice to meet you!

I'm Jason Morrill, the founder and head of product for Zombie Bonsai, a small indie studio.  If you'd like to reach me, mail or connect on LinkedIn.   I'd love to keep up with what you're up to and\or help you if I can!

A Bit About Me (if you wanted to know :)

I have been making indie games in my spare time for almost two decades.  My day jobs were UX design for SharePoint, Visio and OneNote, then matchmaking architecture for 343 (Halo).  I finally decided to take the plunge and found my own indie studio last October.

Prior to founding the studio, I'd been working on a pixel art JRPG called The Long Journey to Farewell, which you can check out on this page.  It's on hiatus, but I would like to return to it in the future.

I have redirected my efforts to a new game tenatively called Starhome.  Starhome is a building and supply chain management game where you explore a strange galaxy, meet its wacky inhabitants and eventually, if you're lucky, find a way to return home.

By analogy, imagine you take the network building and goods management of Tropico and mix that with the lighthearted narrative and exploration of Star Control.  Then put that on a space station which can teleport between star systems and see what happens.  While it's not a casual game, the intent is to provide the player with a constant sense of positive progress, rather than intimidating challenge.  It's the kind of game recharges you after a grueling day.

At present, Starhome is in very early pre-production.  If you're interested in learning more or being a playtester, you would make my day.  Email me at

Hope you're doing well!

  - Jason

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