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A small, independent game studio focused on combining fun stories with engaging mechanics.

We create supportive games that are enjoyable whether you're at your absolute best or totally drained after a long, hard day.


Current Project

We're currently working on a supply-chain city builder set on a space station lost in a strange galaxy.   You'll meet weird and amusing characters, both human and otherwise.  You'll build infrastructure to survive and, eventually, thrive.   You'll explore a galaxy full of wonders and mystery, groaning under the weight of an ancient promise that can no longer be kept.   If you like Frostpunk, Star Control or Sunless Sea - with perhaps a more lighthearted twist - we hope you'll love what we're cooking up :)

Space Station Concept
Ancient Alien Ruins

Here's what our playtesters are saying about the game:

  • “Love the freedom to address problems how you want”

  • “There’s always something to do, which feels good.”

  • “I liked that you have solutions to bottlenecks from different angles.”

  • “I liked the moment where the game first asks me to build real infrastructure.  That was exciting”

  • “I love that running out of food isn’t game over.   I like recovering.”

  • “The writing is fun.  I want to scan more to get more dialogs.”

  • “The scarcity and challenge of running out is cool.  It felt like tension without being stressful.”

  • “I am enjoying the puzzle of building all the space structures and placing them so they have access to everything.”

You too could be a playtester ;)   Drop us a mail at  We'd love to have your help in crafting this game.


We're Looking for an Art Director!

We are currently looking for an Art Director or an experienced Art Lead who can create the visuals for our city builder in space.  If you're interested, please reach out to with a resume, portfolio and a bit of background on yourself!

Here's what we're looking for:

Desirable Characteristics

  • Experience shipping multiple games

  • Experience as an art director or leader for an entire game or a significant, multi-faceted portion of a game

  • Portfolio demonstrating range that includes playful, without being cartoony, low detail style

    • Enthusiasm for outer space \ 60s sci-fi vibe

    • Enthusiasm for structures and ships with tons of personality

  • Love of feedback and iteration

    • Must be able to digest complex feedback, form a point of view and come to alignment with coworkers

  • Ability to operate within some gameplay constraints

  • Interest in building, economy or strategy games

  • Interest in games with stories


Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with creative director to develop an attractive, engaging visual identity for a space-themed city building game

    • Ensure visuals across the entire game are synergistic, coherent and great looking (e.g. in-game 3D structures+ships, HUD, details Uis, character+dialog portraits, star systems + natural scenery, animations and object movement, etc)

  • Oversee end to end execution of the visual style in the game and public facing collateral

    • Assist in hiring and managing artists, 3D modelers, etc (probably external contractors) to create content

      • If you're full time: Create significant aspects of the visual assets yourself

    • Drive the creation of public-facing visual marketing material for the game

  • Validate visual decisions with users to ensure they work as intended

Job Structure

Full time or part time.  If full time, you'd be responsible for producing a significant portion of the art yourself, with the assistance of some contractors.  If part time, you'd be primarily responsible for direction, with most of the production work done by contractors.  In both cases, you are responsible for hiring and managing any external help.


  • Modest compensation until external funding, for which a great visual identity is a likely prerequisite

  • Open to salary, after funding

  • Open to revenue sharing

  • Open to (eventual) studio partnership

Coworkers and Studio

  • Currently 1 person studio; looking to expand to 2-3

    • Current: Creative Director, Game Designer, Engineer

      • 20 yrs working in big software, 5 yrs in AAA games

      • 20 yrs as hobbyist indie developer (2 released games)

      • 1 yr full time indie game maker

    • Soon: Art Director, as detailed above ;)

    • Future: Business, PR and\or Marketing

  • Game: ~12 hrs of playable city-building content, 50+ hours of playtesting, see reactions above!

If you are interested in working in a small indie studio and you think a playful, gorgeous city builder in space sounds awesome, please drop me a line at

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